Area Rugs Care & Maintenance

Despite all of the adventures that can take place in the home within an active week, soft area rugs remain easy to care for.
With helpful daily measures and preventative steps combined with proper spill and stain treatment, you can keep your rugs pristine!

Daily area rug Care

As your Daytona Beach, FL flooring care experts, we recommend a few key daily steps to make maintaining your area rugs even easier. Use area rug pads underneath your pieces to help the rug surface wear more evenly and reduce the effects of foot traffic. Keep mats by all entrances and have guests remove footwear by the door to prevent debris, dirt, and moisture from being tracked in. Brush all pets frequently to reduce dander and trim nails regularly to avoid catching the rug fibers.

Area Rug Care | McAlister Flooring

area rug Cleaning Tips

area rug pads

If you are unfamiliar with area rug pads, we are here to educate our customers on the many benefits they offer. By adding quality pads under your rugs, that match the conditions of your space, you instantly get more for your money!