Cabinet Care & Maintenance

Since cabinets showcase so much gorgeous texture, material, and color within a room, proper care and maintenance will make them shine.
Follow these helpful cabinet care considerations in order to always create the perfect glowing ambiance.

Daily cabinet Care

In order to preserve the enduring beauty of your new investment, following regular cabinet care steps will keep them looking their best and maintain peak functionality. Start by regularly dusting the surfaces and hardware with a soft, dry cloth or microfiber towel to remove all dust and particles. To avoid damaging your attractive cabinet finish, use a mild soap to gently clean streaks, fingerprints, stains, or spills instead of harsh or abrasive cleaners. Make sure to thoroughly dry your cabinets with a clean, soft cloth and always check your manufacturer’s guide for specific cleaning methods. We recommend periodically checking and tightening any loose hardware including door hinges or drawer pulls to ensure smooth performance and prevent wear.

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