There's no denying the inviting, soothing warmth of plush carpet in the home. 
We are your Daytona Beach, FL carpet experts with the impressive selection to uplift your rooms. 

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Why Choose Carpet

Soft carpet makes every step feel like walking on a cloud, offering an incredibly comforting texture underfoot. In addition to helping the entire family relax every day, carpet will help absorb footsteps in an active home. Carpet presents a great way to add gorgeous color within a room scene, with a wide-ranging palette to select from. We can match the best construction and fiber with your household activity level, that also supports your preferred design aesthetic. 

Carpet Styles | McAlister Flooring

Carpet Care & Maintenance

It's easy to care for your carpet with the right care and maintenance steps to follow. From proper vacuuming and removing abrasive particles, to treating spills and stains when they occur, our tips can help you keep your carpet looking fantastic for years to come.

Carpet Installation

Once you have selected your favorite carpet style, it's time to get ready for installation day! Follow these helpful steps to prepare before, during, and after the installation process. These considerations will help minimize displacement, keep everyone safe, and ensure fantastic finished results.   

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