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Choosing New Bathroom Countertops

You deserve a bathroom that helps you unwind, and gorgeous bathroom countertops will add value to your home while creating a relaxing paradise. No matter what high-end visual you may want to install, we often recommend stylish bathroom countertop materials that require minimal maintenance and resist stains! Activity level will help you weigh different materials, and always consider factors such as stain resistance, durability, porosity, budget, and maintenance. Less porous bathroom countertop materials will perform best when dealing with frequent steam and moisture. 

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Kitchen Countertops in Daytona Beach, FL

When we think of countertops in the home, the kitchen is the first room that comes to mind! It’s important to balance the activity level of your household with the characteristics you need the most from your kitchen countertop material. More porous material can experience staining or finish damage when faced with frequent spills, and you may need to select a countertop that can withstand hot pans. If you want to create a kitchen island, make sure to explore tough countertops that can handle activity and dropped items!

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As one of the hardest minerals on the planet, quartz is a very popular choice for countertops. Less prone to stains and scratches, quartz countertops can be molded into specific shapes and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures.

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A natural stone, quartzite is a luxurious, high-character countertop material. The higher the concentration of pure quartz, the stronger and more compact the resulting slabs will be. You can easily create unique room visuals with quartzite.

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In addition to valuable performance, stone kitchen countertops become an artistic design statement! Marble and granite countertops are visually striking with gorgeous colors, unique characteristics, veining, and trademark looks.