Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

Now it’s time to get ready for your new gorgeous luxury vinyl tile floors to transform your cozy rooms.
With over 75 years of flooring experience, McAlister Flooring can help you get prepared for efficient, successful installation!

Before, During & After Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

Before your luxury vinyl tile installation day, you will need to remove all furnishings from the rooms receiving new planks, including closets, and take down all wall hangings. We highly recommend that you complete any new painting or touch-ups in the room before luxury vinyl tile installation begins. Most likely your vinyl style will offer floating floor capability, and there's a great chance that the old flooring will not need to be pulled up and disposed of before installation can begin!

Before Vinyl Installation | McAlister Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation Info

Luxury Vinyl Tile Care & Maintenance

You will love how easy it is to care for your luxury vinyl tile with the right care and maintenance steps to follow. From proper ways to remove abrasive particles, to treating spills and stains when they occur, our tips can help you keep your luxury vinyl tile floors looking fantastic for years to come.