Natural Stone

The luxurious look of natural stone will elevate any design instantly and add value to your home's property value. 
We are your Daytona Beach, FL natural stone experts with the impressive selection to uplift your rooms.

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Natural stone | McAlister Flooring


Why Choose Natural Stone

Natural stone offers a visual variation that never repeats and helps homeowners craft truly unique spaces. Each stone species boasts soothing, tranquil tones, movement, and striations that add a naturally luxurious sophistication. Although natural stone will be more costly to purchase and install, this material will add legitimate value to your property listing. The porosity of natural stone will vary among different stone types, but natural stone offers better moisture resistance than many other flooring options.

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Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

You will love how long your natural stone will remain stunning with the right care and maintenance steps to follow. From proper ways to remove abrasive particles, to treating spills and stains when they occur, our tips can help you keep your natural stone floors looking fantastic for years to come.

Natural Stone Installation

Once you have selected your favorite natural stone variety, it's time to get ready for installation day! Follow these helpful steps to prepare before, during, and after the installation process. These considerations will help minimize displacement, keep everyone safe, and ensure fantastic finished results.