Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

Although it can seem difficult to keep up household appearances within an active week, natural stone floors make life easier.
With helpful daily measures and preventative steps combined with proper spill and stain treatment, you can keep your floors sparkling!

Daily & Preventative Natural Stone Care

As your Daytona Beach, FL flooring care experts, we recommend a few key daily steps to make maintaining your natural stone floors even easier. Use area rugs throughout the home to protect your floors from spills, scuffs, and scratches. Keep mats by all entrances and have guests remove footwear by the door to prevent debris, dirt, and moisture from being tracked in. Brush all pets regularly and trim nails frequently to reduce dander in the home.

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natural stone Cleaning Tips

natural stone Installation

Once you have selected your favorite natural stone variety, it's time to get ready for installation day! Follow these helpful steps to prepare before, during, and after the installation process, and ensure fantastic finished results.